Vice Principal’s Desk




The value of appending education into one’s life is comparable to giving a polish to a raw diamond. The value that education adds to life is immense and it brings out the best form out of every situation, every perspective and every person.


What is education? Gaining degrees…?? Learning a language…?? A technical knowhow…??

It is quite more than these. It is a feeling of being empowered by independence to think beyond the frontiers of social dogmas or technological boundaries or self believed limitations.


The belief in new ideas, the commitment to resolve the upcoming obscurities and the confidence of emerging triumphant: these are the souvenirs of being a truly educated persona.


Life… is of course a voyage, through the ceaseless ocean of hardships. Education… is absolutely the vessel, which will help you overcome each surge of tide.


Bon Voyage…


Thomsun Michael

M.A., B.Ed.