Principal’s Desk

                                                     EDUCATION THROUGH VALUES………….

            Values are defined as the principles and beliefs that influence the behaviour and way of life of a person. Values in our life serve as some golden pillars which invariably support the achievement of a visionary career. They nurture the holistic development of an individual and make him personally benevolent and professionally competent. EDUCATION being the basic brick that lay foundation to our values makes a man perfect, shapes the personality of a person and above all makes the values in the life of a man truly valuable. A man who keeps truth in his heart becomes truthful to his fellow beings, becomes truthful to his country and becomes truthful to the whole world. A man, who knows the art of loving, loves his fellow beings, loves his country and loves the whole world, and a man who fears to harm his fellow beings, fears to harm his country and fears to harm the whole world. Hence value-centered education becomes an indispensable need of the day when our rich tradition comes across an incessant conflict with the mischievous aspects of the modern society. Let’s put our hands together to work for a value-based tomorrow……….


Rajeev Kumar Pillai

M.Sc., B.Ed., PGDCA.