Dear Parents,

We are glad to inform that we are making upgradation in certain facilities that we already have been providing. These facilities are for the absolute augmentation of the children in our school. We believe that a total utilization of these facilities can bring a sanguine bend into the life of our children.

Let us introduce the upgradations that we have introduced to the curriculum and campus:

  • Swimming Pool

The school is upgrading the swimming pool with better purification system. The overall structure and the process of the swimming pool are being changed. This is done because the school management feels that it is time for an upgradation to be introduced into the existing facilities in the campus.

The present purification system that is being installed is the ‘Consecutive Dilution’.  This process rotates the water through the Pool – Overflow – Balancer Tank (Purification) – Motor – Pool. The swimming pool is being exclusively renovated with new PCC and RCC work, new tiles and new water pumping systems.

  • Shower cum Change Room (Swimming Pool)

The change room attached to the swimming pool is also being renovated for better utilization. There are separate change rooms for boys and girls, which can be operational simultaneously.

The replenishment includes new shower and bathroom fittings, new doors and windows with tainted glass, shelves for students and few more.

  • Skating cum Basketball Court

The Basketball Court has been introduced with a few improvements.

The basketball Court has been widened and has been consolidated to a Basketball cum Skating Court. We have now a fully operational skating rink in our campus. This facility has been introduced because we have seen the growing interest that our children are taking in the sport of skating and the different achievements that our children have accomplished.

Along with this, the basketball court is also being improved with new poles and Fiber boards. This development also is undertaken considering the recent endevours of our school team and the never ending interest that is being revealed by our children for the sport.


  • Football Ground

A new ground for Football is being developed for our children who are showing special curiosity for the game of football. This ground has a dimension to support a 7 per side game. New goal posts, plain land, net for protection, etc are the additional inclusions made.

  • Fitness Park

The school is coming up with a fitness park for raising the fitness level of the children. This fitness park contains various equipment’s for the physical and agile development of the children. The fitness park will contain a full arena of various gears for training our children to various levels of strength, stamina and power.

  • Campus Beautification

Under the objective of beautifying the campus, we have planned to install ‘Ashoka Trees’ around the campus which will not only beautify the campus but also carry out the task of providing clean and hygienic atmosphere within and around the campus.

We have also planned to further smarten the lawn that is right in front of the school building with artistic configuration and structures.

This would enhance, by and large, the scenic beauty of the campus.

  • Class Test Score Information

We have observed that some parents are not informed about their child’s test scores by the child and because of that there is a communication gap that is formed between the teacher and the parent. To remove this communication gap, we have started a system where the parents will be sent the marks of two class tests of all the subjects through Whatsapp. There will be eight rounds of class tests for the whole academic year. After every two round of class tests, the marks will be informed to the parents.

  • Discipline Committee

We have formed a ‘Discipline Committee’ in our school, which comprises of three teachers. These teachers shall take care of all the disciplinary matters related to the students and teachers. Parents will be contacted by these Discipline Committee members for the matters related to their child’s disciplinary matters and the parents can contact these committee members for any such matters.

  • Subject Departments

The school has selected four teachers as co-ordinators of different subjects for classes 1st to 5th. These co-ordinators supervise and guide the teachers of their relevant departments into successful accomplishment of the syllabus, dispensing of notes and homework, correction related matters, class teaching and other subject related matters.

We have made this arrangement to have a further insight and in depth supervision into the academic matters of the children and try to derive the best possible results out of children.

  • Home Work Schedule

There have been a lot of confusions regarding the matter of Home Work given from the school. To remove this confusion, the Subject Co-ordinators have decided upon a Homework Time Table for the children. This system fixes the dispersal of Home Work at a fixed day provided to every subject.

  • Better Assessment for activities

Children are participating in various activities’ class, and we have felt that we have not been assessing the progress of our children in these activities suitably, so as it is said, “Better late than Never” we have also decided to assess the progress of our children in these activities through Practical and Theory. Printed notes shall be provided to the children of classes 3rd to 8th, on the basis of which Aptitude Tests will be conducted for both the terms. Along with this Aptitude test, practical shall also be conducted. On the basis of the Aptitude Test and the Practical, a calculated Grade shall be provided to the children for their performance.